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On the Low-Complexity Soft-Decoding of Binary Quadratic Residue Codes
Tsung-Ching Lin, Wen-Ku Su, Pei-Yu Shih, Trieu-Kien Truong

Last modified: 2013-10-01


This paper is to shown the performance of a modified algorithm for decoding the (47, 24, 11) binary quadratic residue code up to six errors. The technique in this paper combines the algebraic decoding algorithm with the detection scheme for the (47, 24, 11) quadratic residue code offered by Truong et al. to correct up to five errors. Then again, the reliability-search algorithm is utilized to correct one bit of the six bits error. The computer simulation of the scheme shows that at least 90% of 6 bits error occurred are corrected if the Eb/N0 ratios are greater than 4 dB. As a result, the performance of this modified algorithm is very close to the bound of decoding up to six-bit error.




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