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Safety Light Curtain System Using a Hemispherical Mirror with Multiple Frequency-Modulated Light Sources
Yusuke Kenjou, Ryosuke Suzue, Kohei Miyata, Shiyuan Yang

Last modified: 2013-10-01


Light curtain exists as a means to detect the intruder now. However, it is necessary to adjust the position of the light detecting element accurately in order to receive the irradiating laser light. We propose the new type Safety Light Curtain System that uses the hemisphere side mirror and LED in this research. The hemisphere side mirror can reflect surroundings of 120° in the vertical direction and 360° in horizontal direction. If LED is a position that is higher than the hemisphere side mirror, Even if LED is arbitrarily set up, it is possible to reflect the light with the hemisphere side mirror. The light of LED is intercepted when the intruder passes between LED and the hemisphere side mirror, and the output voltage of the light detecting element decreases. When the output voltage becomes less than threshold, it is judged that the person passed between LED and the hemisphere side mirror, and sounds the warning sound. The threshold is set by the PSoC microcomputer. The light of LED modulates to 10kHz because the light of LED reduces the influence of the turbulence light.


Safety light curtain; hemispherical mirror; non-accurate set up; arbitrarily set up; modulated light source


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