IIAE CONFERENCE SYSTEM, The 1st IEEE/IIAE International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Image Processing 2013 (ICISIP2013)

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Shopping Street Safety Using All-in-one Type Security Cameras
Kosuke Muramatsu, Mizuki Ishizawa, Akihiro Takita, Noriaki Yoshiura, Naoya Ohta, Koichi Maru, Hiroshi Ueda, Yusaku Fujii

Last modified: 2013-10-01


The e-JIKEI Network, a concept forrealizing a safer and more comfortable community, and all-in-one type security camera,a stand-alone camera developed for the e-JIKEI Network, are reviewed. Theconcept of the e-JIKEI Network is that residents view their surroundings usingall-in-one type security camera, which act as their eyes(1, 2).An all-in-one device called the‘‘e-JIKEI Camera’’ has been developed(3). However, ‘‘e-JIKEICamera’’ was too expensive for installing in each home. There-fore, wedeveloped the cheaper security camera which called the ‘‘All-in-one type securitycamera’’. A social experiment of the e-JIKEI Network using all-in-one typesecurity camera has been carried out. It aimed to the safety at shoppingstreet. For the complete protection of the privacy of ordinary citizens, wepropose a guideline of security camera operation; in this guideline, the ownerof a camera cannot see image, unless there are a crime and an accident.


Security camera;Protection of the privacy;Safety of shopping street


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