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Iterative Phase Difference Constraint Method for the Speckle Elimination of Fresnel Kinoforms
Toshinori Hora, Shiyuan Yang, Fenghui Yao

Last modified: 2013-10-01


Speckle noise is a serious problem in the reconstruction of computer-generated holograms (CGHs). Especially for a kinoform (a phase-only CGHs), the speckles lead to a large reconstruction error and it is important to eliminate the speckles. Phase difference constraint method has been proposed as a method for speckle elimination(1). However, simulation of phase difference constraint method is carried out only in the Fourier kinoform. But, considering the optical reconstruction, it preferred to use a Fresnel kinoform. Therefore, we carried out the simulation in Fresnel kinoform. We carried out the simulation in the three kinds of images “F”, “I”, “Y”, and the speckle elimination has been confirmed in all images. Therefore, the phase difference constraint method is also useful in the Fresnel kinoform was confirmed.


fresnel kinoform, speckle elimination.


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