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Measurement System

Evaluating the Mechanical Response of Materials against Small Impact Force PDF
Irfa Aji Prayogi, Kazuhide Watanabe, Kyohei Irisa, Akihiro Takita, Mitra Djamal, Yusaku Fujii
Measurement of Friction Force in a Toothbrush Tuft Using Levitation Mass Method (LMM) PDF
Joey S. Pastoril, Kazuhide Watanabe, Kyohei Irisa, Irfa Aji Prayogi, Akihiro Takita, Edwin Carcasona, Yusaku Fujii
Measuring The Dynamic Mechanical Characterics of Japanese Food Materials against Small Impact Force PDF
Ryosuke Araki, Kyohei Irisa, Kazuhide Watanabe, Naoki Miyashita, Akihiro Takita, Yusaku Fujii

Software System

An Augmented Reality Mobile System for Products Display PDF
Nuwee Wiwatwattana, Sasivimon Sukaphat, Peerunya Puchongkarat, Sunisa Chaigrajang, Hathairat Khunratchatapairoj

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