IIAE CONFERENCE SYSTEM, The 7th IIAE International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Image Processing 2019 (ICISIP2019)

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Product Discrimination System Using Deep Learning
Hitoshi Nakao, Taku Akase, Lifeng Zhang

Last modified: 2019-09-03


Nowadays, systems that use AI technology (artificial intelligence technology) and image processing technology have been introduced to factories, and are used in the logistics industry to eliminate labor shortages and prevent human errors. However, the existing image processing technology cannot identify the product name from the package image because the characters printed on the package are distorted and their colors and fonts are not uniform. Therefore, we propose a system previously which enabled this task using character recognition technology by Deep Learning with a certain accuracy. In this research, we focus on how to make a image processing which can obtains an high accuracy, and show how much the recognition accuracy is improved. Our results reveal that the recognition rate is improved by the proposed method.


Deep Learning, classification system, image processing

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