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Keynote Speakers

Prof. Seiichi Serikawa
Kyushu Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu, Japan
Title Sensing System for Social Welfare
Abstract In Japan, it becomes an aging society, and causes various problems such as medicine, psychological care, crime prevention and etc. Recently, an industrial technology rapidly progresses. That can be useful for social welfare. It is important for aging society to realize comfortable and safe lives. Here some examples are introduced for assistant of elderly person and handicapped people.

Prof. Chao Hu
Yangzhou University, China
Title Refined Dynamic Theory of Thick Plates In Extension-Bending and Its New Formulism
Abstract This research obtains refined equations of elastodynamics of the thick plate including the effect of the transverse loading by using appropriate gauge conditions. The proposed theory based on the theory of elastodynamics, applied the general solution proposed by Boussinesq-Galerkin and the operator theory of partial differential equations. The imaginary differential operator was firstly introduced in order to apply the spectrum decomposition theory of differential operators. The refined dynamic equations of plate bending and stretching were given, respectively. And the refined dynamic theory of thick plates was compared with the different classical theory of plates. Since derivation of the dynamic equation was conducted without any a priory assumptions, so the proposed dynamic equation of plates is exact, the governing equation proposed by this paper can be used to analyze vibration of thick plates, to evaluate the applicable condition of the engineering plate theory and exactly to design the active vibration control of thick plates.

Prof. Kazuhiro Ohyama
Fukuoka Institute of Technology, Japan
Title Development of Drive System Using Switched Reluctance Motor for Electric Vehicle
Abstract In recent years, the necessity for energy saving increases the demand of efficient motors using rare earth permanent magnets. However, the deposits of rare earth are small, and the problems of price jump and unstable supply are worried. As one of the solution for these problems, the Switched Reluctance Motors (SRMs) which do not use the rare earth attract attention. The SRMs have advantages of robustness, low cost, and high speed operation, since the rotors do not have windings. Moreover, the problems of heat demagnetization and crack do not exist, since the rotors do not have permanent magnets. However, the efficiencies are low as compared with permanent magnet synchronous motors, since the energy for magnetizing the rotor is required. Therefore the efficiency improvements of drive system using SRMs are examined. First the high efficient SRM is designed with finite element method. Next the single pulse control, which magnetizes at the positions where the inductance derivative is the maximum, is proposed. The effectiveness of them is confirmed by the MATLAB/Simulink simulations.