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Keynote Speakers

Prof. Seiichi Serikawa
Kyushu Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu, Japan
Title User Interface for Building a Secure and Comfortable Society
- Proposals of New Light Curtain and Touch Switch -
Abstract With the rapid decrease in the younger population, Japan has become an aging society in the recent years. Although more and more elder people are in need of care in their daily life, it is difficult for the work to be done by a relatively small workforce. Many elder people have to manage to take care of themselves with the help of automatic machines. Therefore, there is the very crucial task for engineers to make the user interface on these machines more understandable and easy to operate. In this speech, some examples of new user interfaces such as light curtain and touch switch are introduced and the advantages of these new inventions over the conventional designs are explained in detail.
Prof. Xiaojun WU
Jiangnan University, Jiangsu, China
Title Feature Extraction: Algebraic and Geometrical Perspectives
Abstract In this talk, several feature extraction techniques will be introduced from two cues: algebraic feature extraction and geometrical feature extraction methods. For algebraic feature extraction, Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA), Kernel Discriminant Analysis (KDA), Sparse representation and their variants will be introduced. For geometrical feature extraction, Contour Points Distribution Histogram (CPDH), Active Shape Model (ASM), Active Appearance Model (AAM), ASM+AAM, and their variants will be presented. Typical applications of these feature extraction methods will be presented including face recognition, image fusion, image retrieval, and target tracking, etc. The main aim of this talk is to introduce my main work in pattern recognition and computer vision, which hopefully ignites discussions, and future development of feature extraction.